How to Remove Completely? – Browser Hijacker Removal

Does anyone know how to remove from the PC? Recently My Chrome browser is controlled by this weird site and every time I start Chrome, the URL opens automatically in a new tab:

No matter how many times I try to remove it from my search engine and reset my homepage, the URL keeps coming back. My Norton found nothing suspicious and I’m running out of ideas. Is there any way to remove this thing permanently from Chrome? I don’t trust this site but don’t know which security product is able to get rid of this virus? Please help.

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How to Remove

What will you feel when you suddenly find the homepage of Google Chrome, Firefox or IE is changed to Do you know how to reset your homepage and search engine when both of them are changed to this unknown website? According to the report, this is a new browser hijacker which hijack web browsers on user’s computer. Some of victims even do not know how and when does this website change homepage. To learn the information about it, please read more.

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